The Crucible Witch Hunt Analysis

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The Internet, one of the greatest inventions in mankind’s history, has facilitated a massive rise in globalisation. So much so, one person can release information about a person and millions can read it on the other side of the world in seconds. It is more likely to be misinformation. It can be much like McCarthyism, spreading the good news of democracy by eliminating the apparent threat of communism. The Crucible, a play written by Arthur Miller in response to highly personal accusations, crystallises the cyclical nature of witch-hunts and the dangers inherent in allowing them to recur. The uncanny similarity between the witch-hunt depicted in The Crucible and the witch-hunt that occurred over the internet following the Boston Bombings is…show more content…
One example is Rebecca Nurse; previously a respected member of the Salem community, imprisoned and hanged simply because of the girls’ unfounded accusations. It is this irrational fear of the Devil destroying the Puritan lifestyle of Salem that controls the minds of the townsfolk, forcing them to conform to the Court’s agenda. The overpowering ideology of Puritanism compels them to condemn anybody who shows any sign of deviation from the strict path that their religion…show more content…
He was described as ‘Blue Robe Man’ by users on Reddit and somehow the “sagging” in a shoulder bag indicated he was carrying something heavy. Of course he was carrying something heavy; he was one of the runners with clothes in his bag! Painfully apparent is that Mr Barhoun was not involved in the bombings. According to ABC News a month on he was still living in fear for his life even though there was no direct evidence linking him to the crime. Prominent Redditor, Thirtydegrees, amidst a response to a question about how close Reddit was to finding the Boston Bomber stated that “It was not until the official announcement of the names of the suspects, and the death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev that the moderators officially asked that speculation about Salah Barhoun be ceased.” Barhoun was unable to defend himself from these wild accusations until the beguiling witch-hunt was long-over. By then, the damage had already been done. The “Bag Men” accusations resulted in the suspicion of anybody who had a bag. All because of fear.
Act One in The Crucible shows the fear that Mary Warren has of being labelled a witch. It is this stigma that surrounds the words ‘witch’ and people not changing perspective that results not only in the deaths of many but the ruining of the lives of others. This is a dangerously direct correlation to the Reddit Boston Bombing criminal witch-hunts, albeit the
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