The Crucible Foils Analysis

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The Crucible, is a play by Arthur Miller, and it tells a story about the Salem Witch Trials. Abigail Williams plays an enormous part in the Salem Witch Trails by her constant lying, turning the trails into a mass hysteria. She is known in the town of Salem for causing trouble and being released from the Proctor’s house. Elizabeth Proctor released Abigail from her house under the suspicion that Abigail and John were having an affair. Elizabeth is very pure and upright and that is one of the reasons that these characters are foils from each other. Abigail and Elizabeth are foils in the play by character traits. Abigail is a trouble maker, wicked, vengeful, a liar, and would do anything to stay out of trouble. “Let either of you breathe a word, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how abigail williams plays an enormous role in the salem witch trails by her constant lying, turning the trails into a mass hysteria.
  • Analyzes how abigail and elizabeth are foils in the play by character traits, such as wicked, vengeful, and a liar.
  • Analyzes how abigail and elizabeth are different since they both love john for different reasons. their religion is another reason for their differences.
  • Analyzes how elizabeth and abigail's motives change throughout the play. elizabeth is cold towards john because of his affair, and she treats him better by loving and caring more for him.
  • Concludes that elizabeth and abigail are clearly foils in the play the crucible. their character traits are opposite.

Abigail is in love with John since they lusted one time. Abigail will never forget that; she wants to be with him. “I have a sense for heart, John, and yours has drawn on to my wind…” page 23 Act One. This quote proves that she has very strong feelings for John. Elizabeth loves John since they are married. Their religion is another reason they are different. Abigail goes against her religion by constantly lying, causing trouble, and lusting. “She comes to me every night to go and drink blood.” Page 44 Act One. This quote proves that Abigail is a lair because she lies on Tituba to save herself. According to the text “… Is your husband a lecher?” Danforth accuses. “No, Sir” Elizabeth responded. Act three page 113. This was the first time Elizabeth Proctor lies; she only lies to save her husband. This proves that Abigail is a wicked Puritan and Elizabeth is …show more content…

At the beginning of the play Abigail’s motive is to save herself and her reputation; at the end of the play she realizes that she only wants to be with John. She even accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft to get rid of her, so she could be with him. According to the text “Why-! The girl is murder! She must be ripped out of this world!” Page 76 Act Two. This quote shows that Elizabeth knows that Abigail wants to get rid of her. Elizabeth changes by how she treats John throughout the play. At the beginning she is cold towards John because of his affair with Abigail. Towards the end when he finally confesses that he committed lechery; she treats him better by loving and caring more for him. At the end she just wants John to be free with in his decision with the confession. According to the text “I am not your judge, I cannot be. Do as you will, do as you will.” Page 138 Act. This quote proves Elizabeth cannot be the judge of John in this decision, but it is his will. In conclusion Elizabeth and Abigail are clearly foils in the play The Crucible. Their character traits are opposite. They also are different for the reasons they love John and what type of Puritan Abigail and Elizabeth are by using character

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