The Crucible By William Miller

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The Crucible is a play with many underlying messages and themes. One of which is the idea of power. Power is a very important term in this play in that whoever holds the power, holds the fates of others. The hysteria within Salem has directly effected society. Everything has turned upside down and has gotten distorted. Arthur Miller is telling us that all the power in Salem is given to those who are corrupt and their abuse of it is directly shown through: the actions of Abigail throughout the play, the corruption and desires of Parris, as well as the witch trials held by Judge Danforth. Firstly, Abigail is one figure that blatantly abuses her newfound power in the play. " 'You are charging Abigail Williams with a marvelous cool plot to murder, do you understand that? ' 'I do, sir. I believe she means to murder. ' 'This child would murder your wife? '" (Miller 104). This quote proves Abigail 's true intentions in that she is abusing the new power she is given to get an innocent killed and have John Proctor all to herself. Abigail uses the town 's hysteria to accuse Elizabeth of being a witch. She does this fully knowing that Elizabeth could get killed. Abigail is willing to get an innocent woman killed to get what she wants. Most of the people in the courtroom believe Abigail and her witch claims. She realizes this and therefore, uses this as an opportunity to get rid of Elizabeth. Proctor knows all of this and calls her out on it. He knows that it is all a lie and that it is a cover for what Abigail really desires. Elizabeth is not a witch, but simply an obstacle in Abigail 's path of being with Proctor. "Excellency, I think they be aboard a ship. My daughter tells me how she heard them speaking of ships last week, and tonight... ... middle of paper ... ...pride. In conclusion, Miller is trying to tell us that the nefarious people of Salem abuse the power that they are given and it is depicted by Abigail and her intentions, the desires of Parris, and the witch trials held by Judge Danforth. This message connects to readers today because we still abuse the power we are given in many real-life scenarios. Many governments all round the world abuse their power. They force citizens to abide by their rules and deny them basic human rights. This is shown particularly in North Korea. There are also many small-scale instances where we abuse power. It can be someone you know that cheated or did something for selfish reasons. We all have had a moment where we exploit newfound power or knowledge to benefit ourselves. Miller is giving a message that is timeless. Wherever there is power, corruption and abuse are always present.
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