The Critique Of Alfred Hitchcock: Master Of Suspense

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“Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen…” as Alfred Hitchcock would start any speech introducing his films. For those of you who do not know who he is, Hitchcock is and always will be the one man who changed the course of the film industry with new typesof thriller and horror. Hitchcock managed through his technical skills to transform what is ordinary into the unusual. Dialogue ceased to be the primary element of film. The camera outweighed the dialogue.for him there is a great difference between surprise and suspense. In almost all his movies the closeups and the perspective camera angles create a sense of unbearable and intolerable suspense. What is tempting about his movies is that the view is always subjective from the actor’s point of view making the audience biased to what the character is experiencing. The long periods of silence and speeding actions build up the suspense even further. His movies gave rise to a new sort of film- thriller. Hitchcock devised two principles in his movies. The first being the use of famous landmarks as a backdrop for the suspense scenes and the second is his appearance in the movie. All of this just proves Hitchcock is not only a genius-in its true meaning- but that he mastered the art of cinemaaccording to Wordpress. I would like to inform you about the reasons of his ascention to the title Master of Suspense.

Let us talk about how Alfred Hitchcock created Suspense and shock through disorienting the audience. one of the most important elements of suspensehe used is the right Position of the Camera to provide the appropriate perspective upon which the audience will evaluate the characters. What greatly affected the notion of suspense is the use of Light by providing little or no light in the sc...

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...udience to use their imagination rather than just sitting and watching the movie for this he chooses the technique of Blurring the Image to allow them to imagine the movement that had just happened.
Often one wonders how the great minds of our time were inspired. Where their creativity was derived from. Hitchcock had compulsive desires which brought about his visions and creations. He mistrusted and disliked women. He had sadistic tendencies and fantasies of rape and many obsessions about sex and the body. His overwhelming phobias of women in particular and the world in general are what drove him to create this action type of movies. Hitchcock was known as a performer of tricks overlapping tension and relaxation, and relieving horror with humor. Intellectual puzzles void of any emoition are Hitchcock’s trademark adding to his name the title of Master of Suspense.
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