The Critical Rank For Reducing Gender Inequalities

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The critical rank for reducing gender inequalities should be education, labor force participation, and lastly, wages. There are obvious differences between men and women whether it’s anatomically, financially, and so forth. The gender inequalities women face compared to men is alarming and saddening. Gender stereotypes reinforce gender inequalities because stereotypes can often be internalized which results in biases against either sex. These biases against a person can result in negative results. Gender inequality has been within our society for a long time especially amongst women. Education is the most important in the critical rank for reducing gender inequalities. Women’s status socioeconomically has increased with the time change, but only because they have more means of entry to improved circumstances. Forms of gender inequality still exist in our society, even in the highly developed world. Sex-segregation is common in higher occupational settings compared to other settings. Education is not something easily available to women. Women in the developed world are more educated to those in undeveloped parts. According to Charles (2011), educational disparities between women in the undeveloped world versus the developed world is large. Women becoming more educated can aid in reducing gender inequalities because it will open doors for them because they will have more qualifications under their belt. As well, women who become more educated tend to have more aspirations which can result in women going into male dominated fields and causing changes to occur. Women who become more educated have a better understanding on feminist movements, marriage, child birth, educational expansion, and so forth. Being that women have increasin... ... middle of paper ... ...n the right direction came to be when the Civil Rights Act was put into order. The Civil Rights Act made discrimination of different kinds illegal (for example sexual discrimination was outlawed). The passing of the act, set forward different social trends. Being that women were expected to be either homemakers or be in fields considered womanly, with the new changes came strides to go into different fields. Major occupational changes occurred across various fields. In the airline industry, women had strict rules that they needed to abide by to be able to work. Rules such as they needed to be married or they had to avoid becoming pregnant etc. After the Civil Rights Act was passed, those “rules” dissipated. Reducing gender inequalities can grant both sexes with new opportunities. Also it can chip away from instilled preconceived notions, sexes have for one another.

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