The Crimial Mind

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The Criminal Mind
When someone is committing a crime, what is going through his or her mind? What triggers them to commit a murder or violent crime? There are many theories on why criminals commit these heinous crimes. Behavioral Analyst’s examines why people commit crimes, what triggered a violent reaction, and how to prevent, or predict, these crimes from happening in the future.
Behavioral Analyst’s focus on the following concepts to piece together a crime and figure out why the criminal committed the crime. Behavioral science deals with achieving a better discerning of human behavior (, n.d). By understanding how a person thinks, you can incorporate criminology and victimology into criminal profiling. Criminology is the concentration of a crime and/or criminal (, n.d). In other words, what was going through the criminals mind when he or she was committing the crime? Victimology is the examination of victims and its psychological effects (, n.d). Often times, criminals where once victims of the crimes they are currently committing. Piecing behavioral science, criminology, and victimology will allow the analyst’s to create a criminal profile. Profiling is a tool that helps analysis or investigate behavioral complexion to forebode and profile the unknown offender (, n.d). For example, a murder was committed. There was so no camera or witness, so the analyst will try to find DNA or some sort of clue to describe a physical and emotional characteristic of the unknown offender. Now, the analyst has an idea of who the unknown criminal could be.
When evaluating a complex crime, the following behavioral manifestations are left at crime scenes are taken into accou...

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