The Crime Prevention Model

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There are many roles that the NSW Police Force executes in their line of duty, although Crime Prevention is the key and most important role. Crime Prevention is a set of ideas and causes that intervene with the reduction of criminal events and their consequences (Lab 2010). Advancements in sociology and psychological studies in the 20th century have changed the effectiveness and understanding of the aspects of crime and criminal behaviour. The Crime Prevention Model looks at three main areas of intervention that combat crime at its stages of developing; primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary prevention of crime “identifies conditions of the physical and social environment that provide opportunities for or precipitate criminal acts” (Brantingham…show more content…
This is done by slowly altering social behaviours and looking at the social upbringing and social structure people are exposed to. The Conjunction of Criminal Opportunity Theory is a preventative model that also correlates with the secondary model, focusing on the large causes of criminal events and the major principles, which can be enforced to divert them (Ekblom 2010). The third stage is tertiary, dealing with offenders who have already commit crimes and deterring them from offending again through the criminal justice system. This is where community corrections come into play by offering programs for offenders and numerous sentences that can be sensibly administered to offenders with supervision (Lab 2010). In order for crime prevention and its correlating models to be effective, it’s important to understand the extent of its impact across different locations and contexts. Also the outcome of each approach may differentiate depending on the location, crime and offender, so inturn the effective mechanisms must be identified to be successful in preventing that crime (Lab 2010). Crime prevention is therefore the most important key in the NSW Police Force as it helps to alleviate crimes which are essential to policing tasks and also help the police obtain the knowledge…show more content…
In the police force at the federal and state level, one of the jobs of an intelligence analyst is being able to find crime or criminal patterns in order to prevent future incidents or crime. These skills are required in the force and this career to be able to observe and analyse crimes, databases and retrieve critical information to inturn solve or prevent crime. Also by identifying if there are an immediate, short-term or long-term threats accumulating, on a strategic level, the role of an intelligence analyst is to research methods and create strategies to apply in a given scenario and advising the police of those methods which could eliminate or target those potential threats, which is where problem-solving skills are also needed (Chantler and Thorne 2009). Also by currently undergoing study I am advancing my academic requirements as well as oral and written communication skills which are essential to be an effective member of the force. Another important skill is being able to work as team member, which is key when working in teams to
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