The Crime Of Crime And Crime

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The organize crime usually it forms with the idea of being rich in easy way. People who do this crime are smart because they tend to manipulate others in order to get what they want. An example is the crime that is happening in the corporations where the person who start this crime tends to convince staff that has less education into this type the activity. One of the organize crime is money laundering that is durable because the criminals tend to legalize this crime because they create a legal business. An example is the creation of the charities when in the reality is the drug trafficking crime is run. It is the case that many people who donate to this charity the money that they put on this nonprofit place serve to the criminals clean the money that get by the drugs. This secure of this organize crime exists because as we do not know the people who work behind to this charities the people who have good faith fall in this crime by ignorance. The people who are victims of this organize crime believe that the all charities help people without interest but the reality in the criminals ideologies is totally differently. Globalization is a good tool for the criminals who making enterprise crimes especially when they do drug trafficking. Because the communication between them is not only faster but, also the criminals have more access by the technologies to follow the route of the transaction and the profit they get in the business and when the clients receive the merchandise basically the glo0balization facilitate all the job. Globalization also helps the criminals to improve with new techniques how they can manage future crimes. This is one of the reason that the authorities refer to crimes that it is happened between countries... ... middle of paper ... ... task of selling drugs and who pay has failed to pay for the drug. The leniency there in the legal system when the authorities apply the punishment to this organize crime is because in most cases the politicians sell themselves for money in order to have a position within the system. An example of this leniency is possible to see in the political field when is the time to apply the punishment. This is the of the candidates who receive the money for their campaign without to investigate where come from. The economic part is essential to win a political fight. That is why when there is too much money in a political election. Authorities are investigating where the money was provided, and if it is discovered that was donated by corrupt people. That 's why when the criminals are under a sanction, the economic aspect is stronger than the moral when applying the law.

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