The Creation of the Worlds Deadliest Bomb

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The Creation of the Worlds Deadliest Bomb

The research for a weapon which could end the world’s most devastating war World War II started almost immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor got sneak attacked by Japan which entered the United States to the allied side of World War II. In 1938 some german scientists discovered that if you bombard Uranium with neutrons you could split the Nucleus of an atom. When the war started scientists thought about military uses of this new discovery. When the atoms split it releases energy and if you put billions of these atoms together it could start a chain reaction and make a massive explosion. Three physicists leo Szilard, Eugene Wigner, and Edward Teller, believed that a nuclear weapon was possible and germany already started working on one. They thought that this was very important to the war effort so important that the president, Franklin D. Roosevelt has to know about it. However they were not well known enough to get the attention of the president so they got the famous theoretical physicist Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein signed the letter and gave it to Roosevelt and he said that this needed action so Leo Szilard asked for six thousand dollars worth of materials to produce a nuclear chain reaction. This experiment led by Enrico Fermi showed that fission does release energy, enough energy to create a weapon which could decide the fate of the war. Roosevelt created the Manhattan Project, its goal is to create an Atomic bomb. The project was given to the Army Corps of Engineers who were going to lead and run the project. The Manhattan Project was effective because of bold leadership and scientific advancements that resulted in the creation of the world’s ...

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... the right amount who are necessary to run the factories. But finally the Army Corps of Engineers were able to finish the project and complete it. After this the Cold War started which was based around Nuclear Weapons which were created because of the Manhattan Project and today Nuclear Bombs are twenty times more powerful than the ones used on Japan.

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