The Creation of the American Republicn - James Madison

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The Creation of the American Republicn - James Madison

James Madison prided himself on his knowledge from books and theories. Madison was born into a class of Virginia planters. His father was the wealthiest landowner in Virginia and it was known that Madison would lead a financially secure life. This factor helped him in his pursuit of education. He gained opportunities to go to elite schools because of his status. Madison was ambitious and he graduated from the College of New Jersey a year early. He stayed to pursue further studies. Madison gained an accumulation of knowledge. He was interested more in books than in farming unlike his father and grandfather. He looked for opportunities to expand his understanding of the world. His attained understanding of politics was routine and he lacked interest in the subject. This shows that our direction in life can definitely change at any moment because Madison became one of the most respected political leaders as well as one of the, if not the most important framer of the constitution.

James Madison believed that book knowledge was the key to understanding everything about politics. Books were the structure on which he built his own empire of organized thoughts. His experience in Congress furthered his development and taught him "the ropes" of politics. His essays and speeches were well respected because they had substance to them. Madison knew what he was talking about. As a member of the Constitutional Convention, Madison was unlike the rest of the members, full of fire and eagerness to make changes centralized towards a strong central government. He firmly stood by his judgments and his appeals. He believed in what he pres...

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Before this book, the reader had little knowledge of the life that Madison led. The reader's view changed dramatically. Not only was Madison one of the framers of the Constitution, but also he presented the bill of rights, and America still lives by some of the rights that he avowed. It is crazy to think that even after all these years that the rights still apply to our everyday lives. Throughout the book, the reader became exhausted for Madison because he was a non-stop worker. He continued to study, learn and write throughout his entire life as well as hold many political positions. Madison had the ability to multi-task and he accomplished more in his life than anyone ever hopes to.

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