The Crazy Effects of a Hockey Game

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You would never think that a hockey game could have such a crazy effect on the world and America. The medal round game between the United States of America and The Soviet Union would prove to be much more then just a game. The United States was getting more then just a victory and an upset, but our country was getting a much-needed moral boost in the fight against the Soviet Union in the Cold War. This wasn’t just a potential gold medal on the line, it was how we lived and our lifestyle compared to theirs. You want a true “David vs. Goliath” example; well you couldn’t ask for a better example how a David wins.
This victory for America in the Olympics couldn’t have come at a better time for the country. There was little left to cheer about in America. The Iranian hostage situation was only getting worse and worse and the shortages at home of everyday materials kept growing and not allowing people luxuries that most have. (History Channel). Our country was beginning to falter in the Cold War and falling behind in what the Soviet Union had and people were just waiting for a World War 3 to break out at any time. The United States was going through rough times as well, which easily could have caused the downward swing into our losing position in the Cold War. When things seemed like they could not get any worse then what they were at, the Soviets invaded the country of Afghanistan. This made Cold War tensions very high and every move was being watched from both sides. People were unemployed, inflation at extremely high rates, and there was even an energy crisis (Pattern 4). So when this hockey game and huge victory and upset happened, it couldn’t have happened at a better time for America (Honeycutt).
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... quite a long time especially just from a hockey game.
This day in 1980 will forever be known as the Miracle on Ice that changed America and changed the state of where America was going. This was just a game on a sheet of ice and a puck with sticks, it turned out to be much more then that. America didn’t realize it, but it was the game was a lot more then just a gold medal on the line, it was our way of life against theirs and East vs. West.

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In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the medal round game between the united states of america and the soviet union would prove to be more than just a game.
  • Analyzes how the victory for america in the olympics couldn't have come at a better time for the country.
  • Analyzes how the once proud country of freedom and nation that had so much opportunity lost it all leading up to february 22, 1980. nothing good has come out of an american hockey team since 1960.
  • Opines that america couldn't do anything with the soviet union and their invasion of afghanistan without starting a new world war.
  • Explains that a common message that was sent to the hockey team through fax was "beat the commie bastards." this was how all of america felt about the communist nation of the soviet union.
  • Explains that herb brooks used the phrase "common men go nowhere" because the team was on rival college teams before the olympics.
  • Analyzes how the soviets were virtually unbeatable at the time; they recently beat the nhl all-stars pretty badly. the americans were up against the best players in the world.
  • Opines that everyone was fully expecting the soviet union to roll over the americans and not have a problem winning the gold.
  • Analyzes how america's biggest upset was a win in the ongoing cold war. hockey fans were able to realize the size and importance of this upset.
  • Explains that the cold war wasn't at its harshest, but it was still ugly. america was faltering and couldn’t find a way to start getting back on top.
  • Analyzes how mark johnson scored in the last second to tie the soviets and americans to a 2-1 soviet lead. the game affected the cold war and moral was boosted in america.
  • Explains that the miracle on ice changed america and changed the state of where america was going. it was more than just a gold medal on the line, it was our way of life against theirs
  • Cites history channel's "u.s. hockey pulls off miracle on ice." hollywood reporter, 2003; 62. elibrary, 28 feb.
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