The Court System And The Process Of The Criminal Justice System

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Courts System
The criminal justice system makes sure there is safety and protection to the general public from criminal offenders. The procedure within the criminal justice system starts after a criminal offense is described to law enforcement officer. When necessary, a research process begins, which can lead to a warrant and taken in for questioning. Following the apprehension, bail will be placed and a preliminary trial will be added to the calendar. If the defendant is charged, a trial date is placed. As long as the defendant does not choose to waive their right to a trial by jury, a jury is chosen and the trial will begin. If the offender is found guilty, a punishment is enforced, more often than not within a few days of the jury’s ruling. If the offender desires, they can then request to appeal the guilty ruling and sentencing,
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From investigations to sentencing a lot of hard work is done and requires a huge amount of time and effort from both the prosecution and the defense. The system must work efficiently to make certain justice is put into operation in a timely method while taking vigilance to avoid violating the accused Constitutional rights to a speedy trail. The course of investigation, arrest, arraignment, indictment, and trial make sure these rights are protected. The workforce of the court system constantly make every effort to improve, innovate, and enhance effectiveness of the court system even though the process takes a substantial amount of time. These practice let for a more efficient process, ensuring quick and reasonable justice for the victim, the offender, and even the families of all parties involved. While the Murder of Travis Alexander case has been exhausting, every action operational by police, the court system, and attorneys on both sides have demonstrated that our court system is effective and strong and to the best of our system’s ability justice will always be
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