The Course Of The Origin Of Man

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The Course of the Origin of Man Humans have wondered for years where they came from. They have searched many sources: the bible, novels by Charles Darwin, to long told stories passed on by the generations. Ideally we can look at two different schools of thought the first stating that the different races of humans evolved independently of one another or that they all sprang from a common source. Over the years science has lead us to new discoveries, with the finding of fossils, ancient tools, and DNA. These discoveries have helped to open the door of the course of the origin of man. The history of our origin is contained in our genome, which is an organism’s complete set of genetic instructions. In other words, our genome is like an instruction packet that contains all the directions to allow us to be created (“Evolution of modern humans”, 2016). It contains some three million base pairs packed into 23 pairs of chromosomes. Despite all that we know about how a human is built, the exact origin of humans continues to be greatly debated (“Evolution of modern humans”, 2016). The modern human or Homo sapiens, which in Latin means “wise man” are actually the only surviving group of the genome Homo. The modern humans are believed to have originated about 200,000 years ago (“Evolution of modern humans”, 2016). Most likely by means of an evolutionary process from our most common ancestor Homo erectus, meaning “upright man”. That particular species of human is now extinct is believed to have lived 1.9 million and 135,000 years ago (“Evolution of modern humans”, 2016). Many scientists have put forth two key models to explain the evolution of humans. These models are the “out of Africa model and “multi-regional. Out of Africa model is the m... ... middle of paper ... ...the nose (Angier, 2000).These traits though are controlled by relatively few numbers of genes, because of this factor these traits have been able to change rapidly to respond to the extreme environmental pressures during the course of human evolution. To be exact about .01 percent of our genes are responsible for our appearance. That being said it makes racism seem very silly (Angier, 2000). So it seems that we are all children of Africa, the results from thousands of years of human evolution. We have our ancestors to thank for who we are today, our everyday behaviors that we overlook, were once learned skills by ancient homo-sapiens in order to survive (“Evolution of modern humans”, 2016). They may have migrated the entire earth, and though we see differences on the outside, we are all born of our original ancestors from Africa (“Evolution of modern humans”, 2016).
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