The Cost of Your Future

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J. Sosa

D. Rosselli

English 125

19 December 2013

The Cost of Your Future

At one point you may have asked yourself whether or not college is worth the cost. By cost I mean the financial cost, the personal sacrifice and the time it takes to actually garnish a degree. College students weigh out these factors every day; but at the end will it all be worth it? As a college student, I have witnessed these phases happen to not only me, but my fellow classmates as well. For example, we see students switching majors because that are far too difficult or people taking on the more academically challenging courses so they can make the most money possible. Yet at the end of the day, I still believe that going to college and receiving your degree and learning what you have is beneficial if you make the most out of your college experience. The suffering and challenges you may go through during college may be hard at the time, but it all depends what you make of it.

There are many viewpoints into whether or not college is worth its cost. Some believe college is worth the money, and some believe it is not. It can go both ways depending on how you weight out the factors and costs. Some people believe that college isn’t for everyone, and in some cases forced to go without their own intent. There are people that really don’t like school and are pressured into continuing, whether they like it or not. There are cases where students attend college not because they want to but because they have to. High school seniors have always been pressured by their counselors and parents to go to college because it has always been seen as ...

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