The Cost of Incivility

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Thoughts such as “why did I leave my old team?” or “you know what you have. But, you never know what you will get” repeats in my mind even after a year has passed. I cannot wait to find another job because of my growing resentment. My current four-person team has a malfunction; incivility. Within my first week on this team, my team lead talked negatively about my other teammates. She constantly stated that the work was not ‘rocket science’. The most common statement that she makes is that she has so much work versus what we have to do. My drive to stay passed 4:30pm are maintaining my job and earning overtime pay. According to the Webster dictionary, incivility is a rude or discourteous act. Numerous researches and studies prove that incivility is on the rise. Incivility is not only negative to one employee. It has a negative impact on an organization because it decreases productivity and increases cost. Douglas Klein and David Sirota. Web. May 15, 2006 This source disclosed that 63% of employees who feel disrespected, plan to leave their companies within two years. Less than 20% are content with their job. I worked in another unit in which the team leads fostered a pleasant working environment. If I had a work related issue or needed to block out time to focus on a pending work matter, I had no problem communicating the issue without contemplating the feedback that I was going to receive. I did not mind pitching in if any of my team leads or teammates needed assistance even if it meant staying lat... ... middle of paper ... ... Douglas Klein and David Sirota. Web. May 15, 2006 Cortina, Lilia M UNSEEN INJUSTICE: INCIVILITY AS MODERN DISCRIMINATION IN ORGANIZATIONS. Full Text Available. Academy of Management Review, Jan2008, Vol. 33 Issue 1, p55-75, 21p, 2 Diagrams; DOI: 10.5465/AMR.2008.27745097 EBSCO Sharon Jayson. Incivility a Growing Problem at Work, Psychologist Say. Web. August 9, 2011 Suzanne Crampton and John W. Hodge. Rudeness and Incivility in the Workplace. Web Mitchell Crocker and Cathy Henderson. The Rude Flu: More Contagious & Deadly Than You Think. Web.

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