The Cost of College: My Personal Analysis

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Since 2004 the tuition of college has risen by nearly 60% (Tuition and Fees by Sector and State over Time 2013). College is getting increasingly expensive while finding jobs is getting more difficult. Some people are beginning to think college is not worth the cost. With the way the economy and job market have been changing some degrees may be not as useful as others. I plan to major in Computer engineering and programming at either Texas A&M, UT Austin, or UT Arlington. When the tuition, cost vs. benefit and opportunity cost are analyzed I am in luck.
With the rise in tuition the cost of college is very expensive and not everyone can afford it. For the schools I want to attend the tuition is not to insane ,but not cheap. For A&M the tuition plus other fees, room & board, books, etc., is $21,581, for UT Austin it is $26,148, for UT Arlington it is $22,508 (College Costs - 2013-2014 - All Institutions 2013). The cost of the colleges are not cheap, but I can probably get by with financial aid. My brother is currently attending UT Arlington and almost all of his school is paid for by Financial aid and grants. The financial aid I receive should be of similar amount and I am also applying for many scholarships which my brother did not. If I am able to attend college without paying much for it I will have a very good cost vs. benefit.
The cost vs. benefit for is greatly in my favor. I should not have to pay much for attending college while if I acquire my desired degree and get a job I will be getting payed around $103,980 annual (Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2012 - 17-2061 Computer Hardware Engineers 2012). The demand for computer engineers is high so finding a job will not be as hard as some others may be. The cost ...

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