The Cost of Capital Punishment

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As ‘Cruel and Unusual’ as Ever He lay there, tightly strapped to the crucifix-esque table, as a sickly cool liquid dripped slowly from his IV bag. Two men stood at his side, a Death Chaplin and an acting physician. Michael Lee Wilson turned to watch his sister’s lips as she sang a solemn hymn, his mother and fiancée by her side, unable to say one last goodbye through the glass which separated them. “I love the world.” He said as the physician flicked the barrel of the needle. “Love my daughters for me. I’m going to miss you always.”(Diehm) He lay there, strapped to the table for eleven long minutes after his IV was pumped with the lethal cocktail. The whites of his eyes could be seen as he snapped his head to the Chaplin and gasped, “I feel my whole body burning.” Wilson soon expired ten seconds later. Wilson was 19 when he was arrested for the murder and attempted robbery of 30 year old Richard Yost, a convince store owner, in 1995. The 19 year old lived on death row for 19 years, unable to watch his daughters grow, and unable to take back what he did for the sake of money. The Yost family gave only this statement: “Closure will not be hearing this on the news or reading about it in the paper- that is my closure- not to relive his death over and over but to remember the good times.”(Diehm) Wilson’s prolonged death was the result of Oklahoma’s illegal attempt to concoct their own serum of the lethal injection cocktail after their supplies were cut off from foreign distributors. As the 21st draws towards it’s close, more and more nations have decided to cut their ties with the barbaric ways of capital punishment. Ninety-five countries have abolished the practice, 58 still actively practice it. Among the 58 countries ... ... middle of paper ...>. Works Consulted acanderson24. The Death Penalty: Wrongfully Executed. 17 November 2009. . Butler, Paul. "The Most 'Unusual' It's Ever Been." The New York Times 6 April 2014. Newspaper. "Dismantling the machinery of death; Capital punishment in America." The Economist 26 Apr. 2014: 15(US). General OneFile. Web. 29 Apr. 2014. "The slow death of the death penalty; Capital punishment." The Economist 26 Apr. 2014: 27(US). General OneFile. Web. 29 Apr. 2014.
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