The Cost Of War : A Fort Of Nine Towers

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Many Afghans live with the terrible realization that at any time they too could die. Would you be ok living like that? The costs of war have taken social and environmental tolls on Afghanistan such as, families being split apart, fractions splitting up into groups of their own kind and homes, businesses and religious locations being destroyed. One instance of a social cost you can find and relate to this is in the book A Fort of Nine Towers Where a young boy at the time Qais Akbar Omar and his family lived during the Russian invasion and the Taliban takeover, never knowing if he or someone he loved may be killed at the hands of the Taliban or imprisoned for not following their rules. The rules the Taliban declared were said to be the holy word and anyone who questioned them were an infidel. Many new rules came into play during the Taliban take over most leaning to women and making sure they had no rights. They declared that all women must wear a burqa so that no man be tempted except her husband. Women could not leave home alone unless accompanied by a husband or male figure of the family, if they must leave it must be an emergency and only them is it allowed. Men must not shave their beards and must pray 5 times a day at the mosque, anyone caught breaking these rules would be beaten and taken to prison. Qais was taken to the Taliban prison one day because he had taken a shower and was letting his hair dry so he was not wearing his turban. He was beaten very badly and made to read the Quran, while reading it he realized that all the times he had pushed and teased his sisters was bad. The Taliban returned and asked him questions if he had gotten them right then he would be set free if not he would remain there. These are the types... ... middle of paper ... ...bring people together that normally would not have been. During the time reading the book all the people Qais meets along his journey are amazing people that he would most likely miss. They all have a good heart and share the same sadness for what is happening to their loved country. He gets to see the beautify of his country as he travels from place to place, he may have never gotten a chance to see this otherwise, he still holds the hope that at some point all this war will stop and things will go back to normal. He needs this hope because without it what is there for him to live for? So yes, the war has taken many social and environmental tolls on Afghanistan but during the time it brings people who share a common voice together. While you can always rebuild homes and businesses but you cannot rebuild the people and loved ones you lost in the war back.

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