The Cost Of Higher Education By Andrew Delbanco

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In Andrew Delbanco’s essay, he discusses the reasons why he believes college is still important even in today’s society. Delbanco mentions some of the reasons why students don’t necessarily feel inspired to go to college to pursue a higher education. One of the biggest reasons, is money. The cost of colleges and universities is extremely expensive. Although many people want to pursure a college education, they don’t really have the privilege of obtaining a higher education due to economic reasons. I do agree with Delbanco’s argument, that college is in fact still imperative and meaningful especially in today’s society.
Delbanco also states his opinions on what college is for which is also an opinion that many students share and that for economic reasons. Majority of the time students go to college so that they can have a career and live comfortably. He argues, “What, then, are today’s prevailing answers to the question, what is college for? The most common answer is an economic one.”
Not only do most
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Although many don’t get the opportunity to go to college just for the mere fact of money. Which is in fact one of the reasons why many parents and elders actually go back to college later in their lives once they are more established, wealth wise. Is because now they can afford the cost of a college education. As a student I recognize there should be more options on how to pay for the cost of college that way many people can obtain a college education. Although, there a few ways to pay for college such as, scholarships, financial aid, and loans. But often times to keep a scholarship you have to maintain a certain grade or you could lose a scholarship, which could make it difficult or stressful for a student. And with loans they only increase debt. This is another reason why students don’t feel as
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