The Cost Of Higher Education

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Higher education plays an important role in today’s U.S. society. In addition to providing many benefits, it also helps individuals gain economic and social success. Graduating from college is a dream of every individual, yet it is becoming more difficult to achieve. The increasing cost of college tuition is the major problem many people face these days. Being financially unable to afford to higher education adds the burden in one’s life. This excessive rise in college cost affects individuals, community, and a country as a whole. Education places high value in one’s life, however, finance plays important role in socio-economic factor. Despite many barriers of higher education access, a major obstacle is a cost. Although financial aids are available to the various extent, lowering the…show more content…
Access to higher education is the best way one can become empowered, and educated. Having increased number of educated people in the society has many benefits. Those individuals will be better equipped with more education, knowledge, and skills needed for significant economic production. Also, educated individuals have a better ability to build successful relationships in the society. A case study done by Cindy Miller, Kansas City Campus Director uncovers that higher education has shown to improve “health and life expectancy” of individuals. She claims that “college graduates contribute more and take less from society” (Miller). Thus, educated individuals have better knowledge and insight to promote the awareness of the importance of education in the society. With all these benefits society gains from having numbers of educated people, the clear pathway to do so is college access. Therefore, making it affordable and reasonable for everyone to access higher education is the key solution to having a productive
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