The Cost Of College Education

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College is what everyone knows as a way of furthering their education or a way to get a better paying job. A college degree is almost compulsory to actually compete and communicate in this developing nation. There are various factors that people look at when applying for a college. How much is this school going to cost me? Will I be able to gain the required knowledge I need to excel? All these various things have changed a lot over the years and who knows what they will be in the years to come. But as for right now these issues are still being figured out.
A lot of families and people are concerned with the cost of college education being too high. There are various ways in which colleges can reduce the cost of tuition. Some people believe that if colleges should increase class sizes, they will be able to make tuition a lot cheaper. For example, in Schumpeter’s article “How to Make College Cheaper: Better Management Would Allow American Universities to Do More with Less” in The Economist, Schumpeter discusses different options universities have to save money in order to make it much more affordable. He addresses Vance Fried solutions that by terminating research programs and increasing student- teacher ratio by increasing class sizes would aid in making college cheaper. Fried discusses a lot of plausible solutions that can help reduce the cost of colleges while maintaining students’ value. However, other people believe that having larger classes will reduce students’ performances. For example, Andrew Delbanco’s book, College: What it was, is, and should be and in Sara Rimer’s article, “At M.I.T., Large Lectures Are Going the Way of the Blackboard”, explains despite the high financial cost of colleges, the advantages of smaller c...

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...cussion-based freshmen seminar with 15 students is not made better by adding 15 more students... Meaningful productivity growth must at least preserve quality” (Archibald and Feldman 5). They talk about the “three tripod legs” in which I think are various legitimate reasons why the cost of college increases. Colleges have to meet the required needs so as to actually function well and as the demand increases, so does the cost. These are part of the reasons why colleges have to increase the cost of tuition.
In conclusion, even though these issues are still being debated over and over, the main goals of college as stated in the first paragraph, is to further ones education and get a good paying job. I think that college administrators should find ways to increase students’ performances and engagement in classes even if it requires a little more money to make it happen
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