The Cost Of Capital Punishment By Ian Urbina And Patricia Smith

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Capital punishment is viewed by many people in different ways. In my research about capital punishment, I found multiple viewpoints. Using the sources I have found, I will explain why on paper capital punishment does not economically pay off in the end and how the alternative sentencing can be beneficial. I will also discuss two core responsibilities that relate to capital punishment; civic engagement and intercultural knowledge. I have strong feelings about capital punishment due to my mom working as a prison guard in an all male Medium Max security prison. I personally look at capital punishment as a form of punishment that protects other inmates, civilians, and guards from the people who cannot properly function in society. When I picked the topic about capital…show more content…
Many states in the US have abolished the death penalty for no other reason, but a way to save money. Ian Urbina states that "capital cases are expensive because the trials tend to take longer, they typically require more lawyers and more-cosily expert witnesses, and they are far more likely to lead to multiple appeals." It is not the cost of euthanizing, but the human rights before hand that drive up the cost of these capital cases. Richard Williams argues in the article “The cost of Punishment” that it is cheaper for someone to sit in prison rather than pay for the appeals when they are fighting court decision. Mr. Williams is quoted in the article saying "reports from Michigan, New Mexico and South Dakota—have found administering capital punishment is significantly more expensive than housing prisoners for life without parole." From an economic standpoint, I see how the costs of capital punishment are driven up by the rights of the inmate. I think alternative punishment can be a useful tool, but only when the crime is not severe enough to warrant prison
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