The Cost Of A Student Loan

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As Bob sat there looking at the cost to go to the college that he has wanted to go to, he realized that he would never be able to pay the staggering amount of money this will take to go to college. That is, without help from other people. Bob then started calling his friends and family, hoping that he could find someone who is able to help pay for college. Sadly, no one could spare any money to help him. Bob knew that the only way he was going to this college was to ask the bank for a student loan. He knew no other option, he had no other choice besides going to a different college where it would cost less to go to, but would not have the classes that he needed to take. This meant that to go to his desired college, he would have to slowly pay it off and be tight on money for a while as well as having poor credit if not paid fast enough. As he sat there weighing his options, whether to get the loan or not, he started to grow more and more anxious because if he did go to this college and he flunked out, he wouldn’t get the job he wanted, which in turn means no money to pay off the loan he would have asked for and all of this spiraling more and more into what would happen over time. Finally, he decided that he would try to get the loan and pursue the job he wanted. And as he decided this he thought, “Student loans, it allows you to go to college so you can pay off the loan in the first place.” This statement is true for most people because of the high costs of just going to college. For people who have to ask for a loan, it tends to take a while to fully pay it off and if they don’t pay it off, they will fall into debt or have poor credit if they take too long to pay for it all. Sometimes, someone is able to pay it quickly and then a... ... middle of paper ... ...diploma after working so hard for four years for it, he knew that it is going to be tough to pay off his debt. But after what he has just done, this should be easier for him to do. Even if it will mean that he will be very tight on money, he will not let this bring him down. Student loans have lasting effects on some people and until it gets paid off, they have a hard life of having little to no money except to pay for other bills. Sometimes people get lucky and find a way to pay it quickly, usually they do not find a way, but as long as they keep trying to pay it off, things will get better for them. Because for people that don’t pay at all will have a hard time in life. Getting a student loan is not a bad thing, it only becomes bad if they don’t take care of it and it gets out of control, there is always help that someone can get, and they just have to look for it.
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