The Correct Way for Toilet Paper

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Has there ever been such a great invention that it changed everyday lives of people? A man from New York by the name of Joseph C. Gayette established a life changing invention in 1857 known as toilet paper. Since then he has caused one of the most argued topics on whether toilet paper should be put on the holder so that the end is over the top or coming out under the bottom. Millions of people have been putting it on the wrong way and it needs to change immediately. Life will be much better once people start putting toilet paper on the holder the right way. The correct way to put toilet paper on the holder is for the end to be cascading over the top because it is prettier, easier to reach, and easier to tear. When I first see the pattern on toilet paper, it is like seeing a beautiful painting by a famous artist. I do not understand why anyone would want to cover the beautiful patterns of flowers, swirls, or other designs. Toilet paper patterns are made to be seen and admired by people, which is why it should always be cascading from the top. When it is facing the wrong way, the end ...

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