The Corporate Social Responsibility

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The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as years pass by transformed into a fundamental part in all affiliation or association because of the impact it has on the society or community. There is no acceptable definition to corporate social responsibility; as a result there is no certain explanation or definition of Corporate Social Responsibility. Moreover, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can additionally be suggested as ”Corporate Citizenship", “Corporate Governance” which can be defined as the obligation of the association to the ethics, environments and law of the country to the welfare of the society. I will be separating the words corporate social responsibility and defining it individually to give a clear meaning. Corporate can be defined as group of people or individuals with the same interest that works together in an organisation or association either for profit or non-profit. Social in this term can be defined as human behaviour which considers the interest of others and the society. That is doing things you will like others to do to you and this is practical as the expression social was gotten from a Latin word "socius" signifying “friend” Responsibility can be defined as a commitment or obligation of an individual or group of people concerning a task; this is what they are expected or required to do as part of the organisation, community or society.

According to Baker (2004) defined “Corporate Social Responsibility as how companies manage their business process to produce an overall positive impact on society”. Furthermore, Holme and Watts in Baker (2014) defined “Corporate Social Responsibility as the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improvin...

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...o the society.

The importance of the CSR in the society is that it brings regulation and also makes the customers to be able to benefit from their money invested in that company. In the case of Apple Inc. after Cook took over as the CEO understood the needs to satisfy the customers and also the society and that was why he engaged the company with the CSR activities and presently the Apple Inc. is involved in charities. The Corporate Social Responsibility brings a lot of competition between different enterprises and they are a lot of argument about it but notwithstanding this argument it is important for an organisation or association to be involved in the CSR, as it increases customer relationship, human resource, cost saving trust, dignity and respect of the organisation. Nonetheless, the CSR has transformed businesses to pioneers in the social innovation.

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