The Coronary Care Unit ( Ccu )

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The coronary care unit (CCU) has an opportunity for improvement related to safe communication. According to a literature review by Kear (2016) that were several medical errors that resulted from communication failures. Some of the research reported a high prevalence of medical errors associated with less than adequate communication during the critical time of transition or handoff of care between providers (Kear, 2016). In addition to assuring safe, quality communication, the organization 's mission, vision, and values reiterate the value of employee qualities that are grounded in working together, excellence, customer service, accountability, respect, and enthusiasm (Covenant Healthcare, 2016). Provisions three and six of the Code of Ethics for Nursing all imply that we need to be diligent in activities that promote the safety of patients and promote collective efforts that maintain an environment where nurses can deliver quality care (American Nurses Association, 2010). Safe communication between providers can promote patient safety and contribute to the organizational values. The paper will review change proposal related to safe communication that is aligned with both the organization and professional standards. Additionally, the paper will discuss strategies utilized to package, present, and implement safe communication practices. Process Improvement Safe communication needs to occur during the handoff process between nurses and providers in the emergency room (ER). Although, current practice involves a quick, hasty transition to an inpatient status from the ER. Consequently, multiple areas of care are often missed and overlooked by providers. As a result, these failures have led to real patient harm in the CCU. To ... ... middle of paper ... ... work by Seyranian (2013) leaders need to be able to influence individuals to recognize the significance of the contributions from the unit 's "social identity" to the collective organization (p.468). The skills necessary for process improvement include understanding how the internal system works. Who needs to know? Who needs to be included and notified? Who needs to support? Many of these elements are not always know to frontline staff. Hence, the leader, mentor can help coach staff through the process. Summary When proposing a change within an organization, the first step is to recognize the contribution value to the overall mission, vision, and values. Additionally, the change needs to be connected to the nursing professional standards of care. When all of these elements are aligned, adoption of new practice related to safe communication can be achieved.

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