The Controversy that Surrounds the Use of Fracking

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The controversy that lies behind the use of 'Fracking'

7.2 Billion people heavily rely on oil in todays world. With such weighty demand comes a substantial amount of pressure for oil firms to extract, and supply hydrocarbons. This is a major reason as to why oil firms are reliant on hydraulic fracturing in order to extract fossil fuels miles beneath the ground. This cycle of demand and supply makes this subject vitally important to research and discuss. This investigation will be based on the controversy that surrounds the use of 'Fracking' (Hydraulic Fracturing). Hydraulic Fracturing is a method carried out by energy producing firms to extract hydrocarbons from beneath the ground, located in specified areas across the globe. This report will mainly focus on the controversy that it has stirred within today’s society, and how it has managed to cause division amongst the people’s opinions on such method. There will be a brief exploration of people’s varying opinions as well as evaluating them. An analysis of the implications of Fracking will be investigated deeply, in order to formulate a conclusion after the consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of Fracking. This piece of research will mainly divide the benefits and drawbacks of the use of Fracking, withholding many points from each side.

What is 'Fracking'?
Engineers have known for years, that there is a mass amount of hydrocarbons trapped thousands of FT under ground, however, back in the days, technology was not available to provide solution to the high demand of oil that is existent. Fortunately, modern technology has allowed engineers to access such depth and extract hydrocarbons. A single field may allow engineers to educe mass amounts of oil, satisfyi...

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