The Controversy of Deforestation

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The affect of environmental issues occur everyday and in particular deforestation is becoming a highly ranked subject. From animals to the human race, the alacrity of trees that are cut down affects every individual in a variety of ways. Not only do people need to help the planet but they need to help themselves and further generations to come, such as children and grandchildren because these natural resources that are being taken away from society are as well shaping the future. For comprehensible reasons, forests use to make up the world, until man made creatures started to destroy and destruct the most important supply to human kind which are trees. Trees are crucial to every living entity for the reason of providing oxygen to all. The world’s current problem which is deforestation can be solved by giving more knowledge about the cause, creating a luxury tax on meat products, and pin-pointing the major places that are being affected.

Deforestation is a disturbance taking place causing the loss of environmental species or animals, natural herbs, and basic nourishment's. This cogent problem of deforestation has become a major problem because now more trees are being cut down and aren’t being replanted, leaving animals without a home to go back to. The animals that are being consumed are being reproduced and need more land area to graze around on, so more space is used while not considering the loss of other species. Environmental animals in the forests are becoming extinct and if they disappear from the earth than people will never know the usefulness or capability of each creature. For example, animals are useful in ways of protecting the family or even for hard labor work such as plowing and human companionship. Nat...

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