The Controversy Over the Medicinal Use of Marijuana (missing closing paragraph)

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The debate about marijuana in the United States is ever changing and not lacking in attention by any means. Just the topic of marijuana legalization brings about varying opinions on many different levels and which has the potential to divide a country, a state, a county, a city and in some instances, maybe a household. The topic of marijuana and its legalization for whatever reasons contains within it, many topics which the debate currently revolves around. However, the debate to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal purposes is the most profound. But, many who do not know may ask the questions. Who is involved in the debate and for what reasons? How has it affected our society or nation as a whole? Or, what is the past and what may be the future of the controversy. The opinions regarding medical marijuana laws differ from state to state and in some instances, for those states that have already successfully passed medical marijuana laws, are in direct opposition of the United States government and the laws in which were federally enacted on its behalf. However, there are many closely related and controversial ideas surrounding and within the outlining debate. Over the past twenty years the topic of the debate about marijuana has included and/or shifted from the ideas of marijuana’s use as an alternative medicine and whether or not marijuana has a therapeutic value, to the debate on which schedule the drug of marijuana should be classified to according to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), or whether or not the legalization of marijuana will increase recreational use, to whether or not the legalization will increase or lead to the attempted legalization of all drugs, not solely marijuana.

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