The Controversial Issue of Teaching Religion in Public Schools

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The Controversial Issue of Teaching Religion in Public Schools Religion and public schooling, is one of today's most controversial issues in society . The question at hand is whether the teachers in the public schools should teach religion in America's school systems or not. This controversy has been the issue of many Supreme Court rulings within the past thirty-five years. Separation of church and state seems inevitable for this nation. Problems keep arising and court rulings are handed down nearly every day. The issue at hand has never been taken care of directly at the source. Why has religion in schools never been taken care of, and what will happen if it is allowed to remain a conflict? How much longer will this great controversy last? One day, this controversial issue will turn into a reason why humanity is so blinded to the meaning of religion. Maybe there will be a time when answers to this dilemma are finally found. And if no answers are found, what is going to be done next? No action would literally destroy thirty-five years worth of court cases and basically drain the pool of all water, allowing the fish to drown. This scenario fits the American people. If religion is lost, what will the people use as the context of the freedom that America's forefathers fought so hard to preserve? Those "Drained" cases should be used for future reference in case other controversial cases occur. In 1962, Madalyn Murray helped her son, William J. Murray III (at the time, age fourteen) journey down a long and hard fought road toward his future as an atheist. William Murray, known as Bill, would begin his fight while attending Woodbourne Junior High School in Baltimore, Maryland. Woodbourne, in 1905, adopted a ma... ... middle of paper ... ... Boston, Beacon Press, 1963. Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia. CD-ROM. 1994, 1995. Compton's New Media Inc. Doerr, Edd. "Church and State: Freedom of Religion, Freedom From Religion." Humanist. ,(May-June 1993,) ;31-33. Hartley, William H. and William S. Vincent. The Bill of Rights--The First Amendment. Austin: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc, 1992. Holy Bible: New International Version. Genesis. Zondervan Publishing House. Grand Rapid Michigan. 1984. Jackson, Bechetta A. More Than 4,000 Rally In Support of Fired Principal Who Let Students Pray. Jet. 29, Dec. 1993. Mississippi Legislature Oks Bill That Permits Student-Led Prayer. Jet. 2 May, 1994 :22. Talk, dC. "Jesus Freak." What if I Stumble. CD-Audio. Up in The Mix Music-Div. of Fore-Front Communications, Inc. 1995.

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