The Controversial Issue Of Gay Marriage

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Pierce 1 Nicolette Pierce Bennett Comp 2 12:00 25 Apr, 2014 Gay Marriage Gay marriage is a controversial topic these days. So many couples are fighting for equality and it could be paying off with more and more places in the U.S. accepting gay marriage and giving them these traditional marriage rights straight people have. Today Seventeen states recognize gay marriage and some are trying to reject it and put up religious rejection laws against gay marriage. Gay marriage is a issue people say the states should decide. Lately these gay bans have been struck down by federal law. "Many argue that recent string of states overturning gay marriage bans is evidence of its inevitable acceptance of federal law"(Brody). Marriage is a fundamental right to everyone not just gay people. "Gay marriage in all 50 states, as a matter of constitutional right, is coming"(Goetting). "With the power of both grass root and institutional support, same-sex couples across the nation are mounting numerous challenges to this state-rights approach to marriage equality" (Matthes, Carl). In Arkansas the ban might be on the 2014 ballot if almost 73,000 people sign the petition. Justice Scalia made many comments about his support for gay marriage. "Nearly 50,000 couples have married since 2004" (Ocobock, Abigail). As of July 2012 six states and the District of Columbia legally allow gays to marry. People are more prejudice against gays than lesbians. Pierce 2 Raunch is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. "I think I understand the public's indifference to ENDA because, to be honest, I share it. ENDA was an outgrowth of the gay civil rights movement of the 1970s and 1980s, which in turn mimicked the black civil rights movement's emphasis on dis... ... middle of paper ... ...d be raised by a man and a woman. Some states like Utah and Mississippi prohibit gay couples from going through the adoption process. Gay couples must go through a lot of difficulties in order to foster or adopt. Banning gay marriage is unfair, love is all that matters in marriage.some people say gay families have certain family values that some straight marriages lack. The church and the state are two Pierce 5 different things. The church should not have anything to do with the state decisions. Legalizing gay marriage will have no impact on religion and religious views on others, just as religion should not have any impact on the issue of gay marriage. Gay people are allowed civil unions but not marriage. A civil union and marriage are two different things. A civil union is a legally recognize union of a same-sex couple, with rights to those of marriage.

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