The Controversial 2000 Presidential Election in the US

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Easily one of the most controversial elections in American history, the 2000 election has exposed vulnerability in the voting process. The election was back and forth, and some states were in debate over which candidate gets the electoral votes. The major state in this case is Florida to decide the election. Many issues arose in the Florida system, such as the unconstitutional ballot recount, the Supreme Courts stands on the situation, and the back and forth battle over the deadline for the ballot recount.
The race in Florida was within a thousand votes for most of the race. This may have exposed an issue that was occurring not only in the state of Florida, but possibly throughout the United States. “The court noted that in many counties, machines did not register votes because of defects in punch-card ballots ("hanging chads")”. With this new information, the American government began to make changes in the entire voting process in hopes of preventing further controversies such as this election. The process in Florida as just the beginning of the longest president election decision in the history of the United States. “A month of tumult followed, until the U.S. Supreme Court, voting strictly along conservative/liberal lines, ordered the recount stopped and let Bush’s victory stand” (Henretta & Brody).
Many, including members of the Supreme Court, felt that a recount of the votes in some of the countries was unconstitutional. They felt that it violated the Fourteenth of the Equal Rights Clause in the United States. Although Vice President Gore wanted a recount of the votes in four countries, the Florida Supreme Court denied that the counts are able to perform a recount on December 12, 2000. “The U.S. Supreme Court to decide t...

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...e down to political view and opinion, whether in the Supreme Court, the Floridian government, or the candidates themselves, the election was taking out of the hands of the people of the United States.

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