The Contributions of St. Augustine and Brigid of Kildare to Christianity

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The Contributions of St. Augustine and Brigid of Kildare to Christianity

St. Augustine and Bridgid of Kildare were two very influential people in the church during the fourth and fifth centuries. St. Augustine and Bridgid of Kildare were most famous for the monasteries that they founded. Both St. Augustine and Bridgid were devout Christians who contributed greatly to the growth of Christianity. Both of these people encouraged the spread of Christianity, the belief in a life of solitude, and inspired many to follow in their footsteps.

I admire both St. Augustine and Bridgid of Kildare greatly. They began a new way of religious life by providing a peaceful place where anyone could come to rest and reflect no matter what their station in life. In our busy society we rarely have time to sit down, clear our minds, and meditate on what is important to us. Somehow our modern society is unable to combine work, pleasure, and prayer. St. Augustine and Bridgid of Kildare founded several monasteries where the above three things were woven into each day. There were times for tending the fields, giving thanks to God, and relaxing. However, personal reflection has fallen by the wayside in today's cultured. Many people have forgotten about the fulfillment that solitude and prayer can bring to one's life. This is even true in my own life. I am so consumed with social activities, schoolwork, extra curricular activities, etc that I forget to stop and take the time to be present with God and my thoughts. I think that I would be a better person and Christian if I just took ten minutes out of my day to pray, meditate, or write in my journal. Spirituality is something that I have lost, but through the examples set by St. Augustine and Bridgid ...

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...o the early Christian church. Augustine's contributions were mainly in the form of literature, such as his famed "The City of God." Bridgid chose to influence Christianity through reaching out to her community and working for the betterment of society. She provided education, refuge, advice, and a peaceful environment. Augustine was a man who had learned many things during his life, but he found he was truly content when he was present with God. Augustine influenced the church through his literature and sermons to his community. No matter how different each person's contributions to Christianity may be they are still what shaped our faith. The contributions of Bridgid of Kildare and St. Augustine opened new doors for the church, and there will be people in this world that will follow in the footsteps of these two people and continue to encourage growth in our faith.

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