The Contributions Of Pythagoras To Anaximander

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Cole Bauer
Calculus Q3 Project
February 18, 2014
Pythagoras to Anaximander

Pythagoras was one of the first true mathematicians who was not only known for the famous Pythagorean theorem. His father was from Tyre while his mother was from Samos but when Pythagoras was born and growing up he spent most of his time in Samos but as he grew he began to spend a lot of time with his father. His father was a merchant and so Pythagoras travelled extensively with him to many places. He learned things as he went along with his father but the primary teacher known to be in his life was Pherekydes. Thales was also a teacher for himself and he learned some from him but he mainly inspired him. Thales was old when Pythagoras was 20 and so Thales told him to go to Egypt and learn more about the subjects he enjoyed which were cosmology and geometry. In Egypt most of the temples where the learning took place refused him entry and the only one that would was called Diospolis. He was then accepted into the priesthood and because of the discussions between the priests he learned more and more about geome...
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