The Contributions Of Mesopotamia And Egypt

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Civilization is an advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached. Mesopotamia and Egypt are both perfect examples of this definition. Both of these ancient civilizations have been credited with providing the world with a plethora of contributions dating back to around 4000 B.C. Mesopotamia, which was established in the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers around 4000 B.C. had made its mark on history by leaving behind a countless number of contributions, many of which are still practiced in today’s world, or at least have paved the way to further innovations. Their most important contributions would include the development of money, a system of time keeping, and the plow to assist farmers in running an extremely productive agricultural operation. These contributions remain critical to life today. One of Mesopotamia’s most important contributions was the development of Money. Money completely transformed the way business was completed during their time, and left a lasting impact on business today. They provided the foundations of a standardized currency, which completely eliminated the need of bartering. Thomas Wyrick, an economist at Southwestern Missouri State University explains why the bartering system was poor when he says “If there were a thousand different goods being traded up and down the street, people could set the price in a thousand different ways because in a barter economy each good is priced in terms of other goods” (Wyrick). The Mesopotamian’s however began to use silver as the standard currency “sometime before 2500 B.C.” (Facts & Details). The denomination of silver was measured in a shekel, which “was equal to about one third of a... ... middle of paper ... ...used heavily by all nations of the world still to this day. It is simple economics that everyone will benefit from importing and exporting goods, which is what the Ancient Egyptians realized. This is still used heavily today, for example a visit to any of the United States ports will show an influx of foreign trade. Overall Mesopotamia and Egypt have provided some of the most important contributions to the modern world. Both of these ancient civilizations provided the future of the world different, yet somewhat similar contributions. Both of them extremely important, however I believe that Mesopotamia have provided the future of the world with the most tangible contributions, that we were able to build upon, while Egypt provided us with more philosophical contributions. Therefore, I believe that Egypt gave the most important contributions to the future of the world.
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