The Contrast Between the Daily Mail and the Independent

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The Contrast Between the Daily Mail and the Independent

Newspapers need to aim at a specific corner of the market to be

successful. The main reason for this is that if you have a readership

consisting of a specific class or type of people eg. Middle class

business men. Then advertisers who want to appeal to that specific

audience will use that paper for their advert and the paper can obtain

large profits from adverts and the advertisers can sell lots of

products. Therefore the paper needs to know the readers status so it

can tell the advertisers what kind of people they could reach by

advertising with them. Whereas the Mail doesn't put adverts on the

front page (as there is limited space), the Independent being a

broadsheet newspaper has more space to be able to show one or two

adverts as well the copy.

The mastheads for the two papers are totally different. The names

Daily Mail and Independent have significant meaning that gives an

outline of what the paper is about. The name 'Daily mail' is supposed

to give a sense of regularity and reliability as it is 'Daily' and it

regular like the post. The name 'Independent' relates that the paper

will present a balanced report and leave you to make your own personal

conclusion. The Mail uses a gothic type font; this is to make the

paper look well-established and authoritative. The Independent uses a

bold but elongated writing to imply an authoritative but more modern

and stylish look. This is hoped to convey an up-to-date feeling that

makes the paper seem the right choice for current news and issues.

The Mail uses no motto but in-between Daily and Mail is the Royal

Crest of Arms which...

... middle of paper ...

...tching and dramatic. The Independent uses a picture of

Clair Short, the cabinet member who has been opposing Blair, walking

out of her London office with a smirk on her face.

The layout the two papers are very different also as they both have

different views over which feature of the front page deserves the most

space. The Mail on one hand feels that both the Headline and the Photo

deserve about a third of the page whereas the copy, strap lines and

masthead are left to share the final third. Whereas the on the

Independent's front page the copy is seen to be much more important

and about a half is given over to this, they use a small photo and

headline, the opposite of the Mail front page as they are attracting

different minded groups of people. Therefore it proves the need for a

paper to specify its readership class.

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