The Constitutional Convention Of The Constitution

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On May 25, 1787 the constitutional convention began at the Independence Hall in Philadelphia in order to amend the Articles of Confederation. It was apparent to the framers of the Constitution that the Articles of Confederation lacked central authority over foreign and domestic commerce, threw many conflicts over time after the Revolutionary War. This wouldn’t be a harmonious amendment either. Between the Federalists and the Anti – Federalist they spent the entire summer creating a new government unlike any before. Leaving no one happy proving their creation was fair. One of the biggest conflicts was the balancing of the powers between the National and State government in our federal system (Barbour, Wright 74). The outcome of this conflict is called “Federalism: a political system in which authority is divided between different levels of government (the national and state levels, In America’s case)” (75). These men were committed to the theory of limited government; they had no intention of creating a government identical to the one of Great Britain. They believed that any overt governmental power could be a menace to individual liberty .Hence the need to curb governmental power and the divisions of such power in order to restrict total anarchy which prevented abuse against American citizens. Each level of government has its own area or powers, and through their agencies acts directly on the people threw their own officials and laws. Neither level acting alone can change the basic division of powers the constitution makes between them. Although it can get quite complicated the overall system is rather simple. Federalism allows for local and state government to make laws that pertain to their people after all, who knows them bett... ... middle of paper ... ... national government. Defense, international treaties, federal budgets, and postal services often cite as examples. Local laws reflect the preferences of lifestyle by which the communities choose to live for example police and fire patrols, school administration, and local health and building regulations are often designed and administered locally. A federal system is responsive and inclusive. Citizens are free to run for government positions at all levels, local and regional governments offer the most positions and, perhaps, the most opportunity to make a difference in their communities. Federalism provides multiple opportunities for political parties to serve their constituents. Even with the constant tug and pull for power federalism is healthy for America. It’s a flexible policy that allows Americans to get the most they can from their country in an unbiased way.
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