The Conspirator

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We are faced with challenges big and small every day. Some that take a huge toll on us and our lives and it seems as though there is never going to be a way out of this alive. Sometimes we care enough to fight and make things better. Sometimes we don’t care enough. Then there was that one battle you decided to fight and your life changed so drastically but you don’t realize how much it changed until one day you see yourself doing something bigger than you and it changes you forever. I was never a decent girl, nor a simple one, everything that came my way because of how I looked or how I behaved. One day something happened to me and it was because of neither of these reasons. Soon before graduation from high school I met a girl who I became close with. She invited me to her church and from there I was transformed. Attending ever church meeting and Sunday service did something to me that changed me. I became so into it, especially after I was baptized. My life revolved around Christ and I did not care about nothing else. My new life was beginning to affect my family and friends; I became judgmental which I wasn’t doing on purpose. I tried to make them understand but things just weren’t working out. I was fighting to keep people in my life, fighting to be liked among people I loved, and trying to fight what I was becoming. Then I thought, “do I care for something greater than myself?’ Fighting for someone to accept Jesus Christ was not my place. It was something that cannot be forced but I did know that I cared for something greater than me, and I wouldn’t give up the fight. The movie, The Conspirator showed us an example of believing in something that was greater than self. Frederick Aiken was a lawyer, soldier, and a veter... ... middle of paper ... ...eryone apart of the Lincoln assassination and affected by it was fighting for something bigger than themselves; whether it was a belief, allegiance, or freedom. The main part of fighting for something is making the fight worth it, whether or not it worked for your good or bad. Everything is a learning experience that helps us in the future. Mary Surratt’s death was a result of her fighting for something she believed in. She lost her life but changed many others. As in the same case of Frederick Aiden he fought for peace, justice, and fairness. Maybe he did get what he wanted, maybe he didn’t, but the experienced changed him to make him want to leave law and write for a newspaper. So what is this challenge that you are afraid to battle? Face it, and see what it does for you. Who cares if it is bigger or greater, let it teach you something, maybe you need the change.
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