The Consequential Effects Of Drug Abuse And Addiction

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Introduction A drug refers to a substance that when taken, alters the way an individual 's body functions. There are different categories of drugs, and that include inhalants such as glues, stimulants such as the crystal meth and cocaine and the depressants such as Valium. Drug abuse refers to the pattern of behavior in which an individual consumes drugs in quantities and methods that are hazardous to both himself and his environment. It is a consequential effect of drug usage. Addiction, on the other hand, refers to a disorder to which an individual compulsively uses drugs that in the end alter the functioning of the brain. People use drugs for various reasons. For some take in drugs is out of curiosity, as a result of peer influence or as…show more content…
They are in most cases driven by addiction from the surrounds in which they have grown up in. For some, they may not necessarily end up addicts but carry lifelong scars. Quitting an addiction does not fully rely on one 's willpower. The brain change in addicts makes them adapt to the drug and hence the difficulty to quit. Pressure from loved ones plays an important role in their lives turn around. Addiction is not necessarily a helpless situation as it may be seen by non-addicts. When an addict seems not to guarantee recovery from his first treatment, many may give up on him. However, it takes persistence and patience for one to fully recovery. (Volkow,…show more content…
However, for those who did not get the privilege to experience a good environment growing up due to drug addicted parents and guardians should not lose hope. Such is also the case of adolescents who were introduced to drug abuse and feel hopeless in life. Programs such as the Adolescents Substance Use Disorders Services Program, aim to ensure hope and quality life for every broken child and adolescent. If left unattended and ignored, this children could end up on the wrong side of the law hence spend their adult life behind bars or far must worse remain unproductive all through their lives. It would be hazardous to ignore these children hence the urge to ensure all government officials in every state and the world at large to participate in a program that would not only increase the number of healthy adolescents but also the number of reliable adults in future. Drug addiction and abuse are cases that have brought down the economy of many countries all over the world due to unproductive adults who are deep into the act hence the need for it to be

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