The Consequences of Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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When Americans fill their tanks with gasoline, two questions come to mind: “How can we save money and why is gasoline extremely expensive? Due to the traumatizing events that occurred in 2008, when gas prices exceeded four dollars per gallon, fear and insecurity came upon many concerning the future increase on gasoline prices. As a result of the aforementioned events, oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildfire has been a constant political debate in the United States. America imports its gasoline from different countries due to the scarcity of resources, but these exporting countries are unvaryingly raising their prices on these barrels of crude oil and natural gas liquids to an extent that negatively affects the economy. This crucial issue has caused the Republican Party to support the drilling in the Arctic National Wildfire Refuge. However, the Democratic Party disagrees and argues with the fact that drilling in the Arctic Refuge may create an insignificant result since it would only be a temporary solution as opposed to a long term benefit. In compliance with the Democratic Party’s notion, the citizens of the world must oppose the oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildfire Refuge because of the unnecessary damage that will be created, the insignificant result, and different alternatives to the issue. If the United States decides to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildfire Refuge, it could result in irreparable damage to one of the most significant environments in the United States. The Arctic National Wildfire Refuge is the most insubstantial ecosystem in the world that also provides habitation to a various selection of wildlife. The resulting damage will not only severely destruct the land but also harm the speci... ... middle of paper ... ... affected by the rise in gas prices. Unfortunately, some members of Congress are more interested in winning political points than in actually solving the problem permanently. We need to implement solutions that will address not only our current issues but our long term struggles as well. There might be several benefits in drilling more wells in the Arctic Refuge but that would only be a short term solution. In fact, the drilling has doubled almost twice per year but more drilling has accomplished nothing regarding the price reduction on oil. For that focal reason and additionally since the outcome will cause unnecessary and irreparable damage for an insignificant result to this national treasure, the people and the government must oppose the drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildfire Refuge. Instead, advantageous alternatives to this issue must be developed.
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