The Consequences Of The First Amendment

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While constructing the Constitution, the Framers insisted on a government strong enough to deal with the nations problems but limited enough freedom so that there would still be a sense of self government within the states. The first amendment is an example of the framers intention. The first amendment grants freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition. Among these, freedom of speech has been tested in the recent 2010 Supreme Court case, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. In relation to this case, the first amendment proclaims that the government is prohibited from regulating political spending by corporations, associations and labor unions. Many consequences come from this major decision but not all of which are negative. Issues surround the race to the office and financing an election seems to be controversy in the public eye. Despite the negative criticism that follows every significant decision, the Supreme Court made the right call to action. There will always be different view points on how the election should be financed but the truth is, not everyone will be satisfied with the Supreme Court's decision. It is difficult to determine how far political funding and donations can go until democracy is forgotten.
The First Amendment is perhaps the most controversial amendment in the Bill of Rights. The framers intended the Constitution to be more of a foundation, and not a set of laws. As a result, the first amendment is vague and does not limit the influence a corporation can exhibit on elections or campaigns. Corporations, associations and labor unions can fund without any restriction to endorse a primary. This can be both positive and negative. On one side, a politician does not have to be...

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...ted v. Elected Election Commission. In connection to this case, the first amendment announces that the administration is denied from controlling political using by companies, corporations, and labor unions. Numerous outcomes originate from this significant choice yet not all of which are negative. Issues encompass the race to the workplace and financing a decision appears to be contention in the general population eye. Regardless of the negative feedback that takes after every critical choice, the Supreme Court made the right decision. There will constantly be different perspectives that focuses on how a campaign should be financed. However the fact of the matter remains that not everybody will be satisfied by the Supreme Court's decision in the case. It is difficult to place a limit on just how far political subsidizing and donations until democracy is overlooked.
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