The Consequences Of Teen Drug Use

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The Consequences of Teen Drug Use Unfortunately we are at a point in time where drugs are becoming too easily available for people, especially young adults. While some teenagers may get these drugs off the street, they can often be found at home, right in the medicine cabinet, or even underneath the kitchen sink. While the most popular street drug of choice seems to be marijuana and alcohol, prescription drugs and inhalants are on a steady rise for drug use. Seemingly, most people would often say that they do not think their kids would use drugs, especially prescription drugs, or using an inhalant, which would be meant for cleaning. That may be one of the last things that parents worry about, is their children taking their prescription drugs out of the medicine cabinet. This may be why prescription drugs and inhalants are on the rise as oppose to street drugs, they are more easily accessible because they can be obtained in the teenagers own home. The questions always remains, why are teenagers using prescription drugs? There is no one direct answer. It could be peer pressure, to get high, to lose weight, or even to focus on their studies. One teen may have a brother who takes Adderall, a drug used to help someone with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder focus more or someone with narcolepsy, to help someone stay awake. Maybe the sibling of the teen taking the drug may need help focusing, or staying awake for a longer period of time, or maybe want to lose some weight, as that can be a side effect of the drug. So the teen will then start stealing the Adderall pills from their brother. This could also have a flip side, maybe the brother does not like the way the pill make him feel and offer them to the sibling, or even the frien... ... middle of paper ... ...ast year, and they don’t use them, so he is sure they will not notice. That’s how simple it starts. People are so busy worrying about drugs on the streets that they don’t even consider what is in their medicine cabinet or under their kitchen sink. Of course teenagers often believe that parents do not know what they’re talking about or they’re too old to understand. However, it is up to the parents to start instilling the dangers of these drugs, as soon as possible. It may be an uncomfortable conversation to have with a ten year old, but better than trying to have it with yourself on the way to the morgue to identify the body of the teenager who just didn’t know how severe the consequences are. Talk to your children, clean your medicine cabinets, and avoid products with harsh chemicals in them. These can help prevent teenagers taking these things from their own homes.

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