The Consequences Of Shakespeare's The Tragedy Of Macbeth?

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In a time period where class was the most important aspect of social standards, William Shakespeare beat the odds and explored with his work. He tested the waters, even though he knew that he could be risking his life. If his plays offended royalty, it was a matter of being shunned from the community, or death. In his play The Tragedy of Macbeth, Shakespeare utilized worldwide influences and weaved them into his piece to produce his own spinoff of the story. It is evident that the piece that pride, betrayal, and fate are the prime thematic topics, but Shakespeare blurs the line between the allusion of a life full of fortune, and the reality of the burdens that come with life. Inevitably, “Shakespeare took great liberties with this source, adapting various historical events to increase the dramatic effect of his tragedy” (Hact). Elizabethan plays were very sophisticated, for the majority of those who wrote them were scholarly, and had an education. The plays consisted of humor, tragedy, and had a certain sophistication about them. In the Tragedy of…show more content…
Although the play has a great deal of immense tragedy, “Shakespeare concludes the tragedy on a hopeful note” (Hact). And with that said, it is evident that with the influence of religion, witchcraft, the Monarch system, King James, and the Chronicles, Shakespeare had the ability to get away with including such things in his piece. Although he used tools like ghost’s, he opened an entirely new window to the human eye. With this, Shakespeare was able to show that power ultimately makes it hard to see to difference between good and evil. He utilized a good man, Macbeth, and chose to make him let evil overcome
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