The Consequences Of Prostitution

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Prostitution Prostitution is something that has been overlooked over time for minority groups. Many women struggle to survive in a society that takes away their identity. Women have turned to prostitution to create a stable living for themselves, even if they have to suffer through it. There are many people that typically misunderstand prostitution and there are hidden realities that need to be better known. Many women have turned to prostitution because of what they have gone through during their childhood years. Many prostitutes either have been or are going through physical abuse as a child, sexually abused by a family member, sexually abused by a non-family member, or because of drug problems (Soroptimist 2018). Women that go through…show more content…
Who isn't to say that a prostitutes choice wasn’t a good choice for them? Some women do this for “yes of course money” but, it’s not like the money is being spent on pointless things, some prostitutes do have children that they need to provide for. This could be because of the male divorces and decides to take all the money leaving them with nothing so they the female, must take matters into her own hands and do what she has to do to get by. At the end of the day, why does it matter to anyone else on how we make our money. Many people misunderstand or don’t know exactly why women become a prostitute and jump to conclusion. If a man doesn’t pay for women to have sex with them to please themselves to let them get their sexual needs and aggression met then there wouldn’t be prostitutes (Courant 2015). Human trafficking is a crime of violence against women. It disproportionately impacts women and young girls who are controlled by men for profit and purchased by men for personal pleasure (Missoulian 2015). Not only does this satisfy a woman by collecting money but it does, in fact, satisfy men as well for their needs. No one looks at the whole picture when it comes to prostitution, they only look at the female because she is the one doing the job but no, it takes two to have
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