The Consequences Of Hiroshima In America's Hiroshima By Peter Scchwenger

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966 words

At 8:15 AM on August 6th of 1945 an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, killing more than 75,000 people. Not only did the 10,000 pound atomic bomb change the innocence of America, it also changed how millions of people view war. To this day, people still have bittersweet feelings about what the United States did to Japan. Some say that the atomic bomb saved many American lives and others argue that it was unnecessary and immoral. While many deaths and injuries occurred in Japan, America was afflicted by the Hiroshima bombing whether people agree or disagree. In the article America’s Hiroshima, Peter Schwenger describes how the United States was affected by Hiroshima, and what followed after the event. When talking about Peter Schwinger’s article, the topic is arguing how America has lost its innocence and how Hiroshima will never be forgotten by the people because it will always have a spot in history. Schwinger focuses on pointing out how a variety of Medias and literatures allowed Americans to see the event …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the 10,000-pound atomic bomb on hiroshima changed the innocence of america and how millions of people view war.
  • Analyzes how peter schwinger's article argues that america has lost its innocence and that hiroshima will never be forgotten by the people because it will always have a spot in history.
  • Analyzes how americans were drowning in propaganda to the point that made the situation seem as if they were only attacking the enemy.
  • Explains that the books gave americans a sense of the terrible human cost, and allowed them to see the japanese as human.
  • Analyzes how the article introduces the atomic bomb victim and the pilot of the plane who drooped the first bomb on hiroshima.
  • Analyzes how schwinger states that if america mourns nothing else, it must mourn, at some level, a loss of innocence, emphasizing that america has crossed the line and is at the point where it cannot come back
  • Analyzes how the situation of hiroshima was a result of "disneyfication" and how that caused americans to misrepresent the events.
  • Explains that peter schwinger is an english emeritus professor at the university of mount st. vincent university.
  • Opines that the bombing of hiroshima is one of those events that can’t be forgotten because of how horrendous and tragic the results were.

Both guest were uncomfortable within each other’s presence, but the author stated that “after an awkward hesitation, the two men shook hands.” This got me thinking that maybe they were asked to shake hands as a tactic to try and make things write with one another. Later it is stated that 25 of the Hiroshima Maidens were brought to the U.S to get Plastic Surgery done in order to rebuild some injuries and after that it was mentioned that Donations were given away in order to help out the victims of the Bombing because it was the “American Way.” All of this was done in order to fix was broken, and try to make up for it, but as Schwenger stated “Mourning and memory are here at odds with one another; shame undercuts the very foundations of America 's idea of itself; the trauma remains

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