The Consequences Of Academic Dishonesty

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong If academic dishonesty is bad, why do students do it? Students across the country plagiarize for many reasons. Whether accidental or intentional, academic dishonesty has the same punishment for all students. Students who usually commit academic dishonesty either don’t know how serious the consequences is or only care about getting their assignment turned in. However, teachers don’t understand why students don’t take plagiarism seriously. When students commit academic dishonesty, they risk having severe consequences that they could prevent. There nothing worse about academic dishonesty then when it’s intentional. In fact, most students who intentionally plagiarize have two reasons. These reasons are due to laziness or the fear of taking a zero. When that student is too lazy to complete an assignment correctly, most of the time they just cut-and-paste information from websites. To those students, this method helps them finish the work faster. Students…show more content…
Unlike any other punishment students receive, such as interrupting class or eating in a lab, students only get one offense with academic dishonesty. Once they have that one offense commit that first offense, there is no way to try and fix it. Not only will that student receive a zero for that assignment, they will face extreme punishment. For example, a friend of mine who cheated on a test wasn’t allowed to take the course again and she had to pay her school back for that course. Committing academic dishonesty can have a great impact on their courses but also on their major. In addition to being expelled from school, the academic dishonesty the student committed will stay on their school record. This mean that any college students apply to in the future will know they committed academic dishonesty. Colleges can reject students and their opportunities of any sort will be taken
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