The Consequences And Effects Of Parking In The City

Rami Aldawud PUP 301 09/06/2017 Parking in The City Parking is an issue that is familiar to any urban dweller or car owner. Many people feel its impact: shoppers, city commuters, employers and employees, and authorities involved in setting rules and managing the resources. All parking services come at a fee. The local authority is charged with setting the correct parking fees which are essential for the maximum efficiency of parking lots. Parking, which may seem like a minor issue, has direct effects on traffic, local businesses, and the atmosphere. Parking is also an important factor to consider when planning any urban setup. As incorrect pricing leads to negative consequences such as increase in air pollution, traffic jams, and unreasonable usage of space in…show more content…
Empty parking lots imply that the pricing is set too high whereas full parking lots suggest that pricing is too low; however, it is correct when car owners can always find readily accessible parking upon reaching their destinations (Shoup, 2011, 31). If the prices are set high, most parking lots will remain vacant, and local businesses will lose customers, leading to losses in tax revenue. On the other hand, if prices are set too low and car parks remain full, drivers will end up all over the city searching for parking, causing traffic congestion and wasting fuel, contributing to air pollution in the process (Shoup, 2011, 31). Parking search increases traffic density and parking maneuvers, which lead to increased delay (Cao, 2016). These effects are clear in any urban setup especially during the morning hours. Parking lots may also end up congested as some drivers may park incorrectly out of disparity brought about by limited parking. This can lead to more traffic during evening hours when car owners need to get back home since a few incorrectly parked vehicles may hinder smooth movement out of the parking
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