The Cons of Legalizing Euthanasia

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This morning you woke up and looked out the window the start of a new day. Normally we don’t focus on the fact that we are alive and healthy. We probably take our life for granted. But there will be one day where it will be our last day. Many would like this day to peaceful and without suffering. Now is it possible to control this? Many physicians have been debating about legalizing a drug that is used in ending the suffering of a patient. This drug is called euthanasia and its function is to give a “good” death. Now would this drug really give a better death than we would have naturally? Plus is it not ethically correct for the person to do that to themselves and what problems do you think the physician would have if they started prescribing this to the patients who asked for them? Who would determine if we can take euthanasia? Would it be us, the physician, government, god or any other intervention? I believe that there is a huge problem with this drug, and it is death. We cannot determine the future things may get better and the last day will come for everyone when it’s the right time for it.
The first problem with euthanasia is that it is morally incorrect for someone to kill another person even if they ask for it. As a person I feel that it is wrong to kill someone; yes in wars we do it all the time but even if a lot of people do that it still doesn’t mean it’s right. Many have mentioned that in there scripts they believe that we can’t control our life. They think that it is unreligious and inhumane to be allowing people to take charge of their life instead of god. many religious believe that god will control our death may we like it or not.
If euthanasia is legalized it will most likely be in con...

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... turn into a huge chaos of people dying.
Sincerely this way for looking for a non suffering death is very inhumane. Euthanasia is a very non-ethical especially for the physicians who have to medicate this and watch this happen to their patients. How would you feel watching people die more and more quickly each day because of this drug? It must be heartbreaking especially if you studied to try to save people’s lives. We should try to fix a problem instead of creating new ones with euthanasia. Legalizing euthanasia would make us more morbid. Life is such a wonderful thing and we should live it to the fullest. There are many of other options that we could have instead of euthanasia. We want the best for mankind and we should improve our technology to have the best healthcare as well as to help cure diseases. Plus conduct research to improve our living standards.
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