The Connection With Motivation And Theory

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The connection with motivation and theory has been the interest of scholars for centuries. There are so many theories which impact motivation and others that merely adds to the understanding thereof. Over the last three weeks we have engaged in the process of examining several different theories, to include: Self-Determination Theory, Humanistic Theory, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Cognitive Evaluation Theory, Self-Motivational Theory, Arousal Theory and so on. Human beings act and/or react on their individual needs, desires and/or satisfactions. Ultimately, we as human beings have certain wants and desires; therefore we then in return do and/or are willing to do certain things to get the desired outcome. The cycle of life is based on differences; hence, human beings have and/or differences are presented to us daily. This then creates a value system as it relates to each being set of differences which then equates to a variety of perceptions and interpretations for each being. This value system allows for one’s perception and/or interpretation on things to vary, hence creating a clear need to better understand what motivates beings versus the other. Some will argue that individuals with a high sense of control in the individual and collective aspect of life have shown that they are more likely to have good psychological dispositions (Thompson and Spacapan, 1991). People differ in their level of control in which they desire and the level of control in which they need. Therefore, personal control/motivation can be a ‘‘judgment that one has the ability, resources, or opportunities to take action to increase the likelihood of obtaining positive outcomes or avoiding negative ones’’ (Thompson and Schlehofer, 2008). For this assignme... ... middle of paper ... ...udy the human experience makes both theories lack objectivity. Credibility will remain a services issue as both theories rely mainly on self-report and assessments. This then leads directly into the inability to verify assessments and reports. In sum, although many can and will seek to criticize both the Humanistic and STD theories; not having them weakness the filled of human motivation. Each concept aids in the process of creating a new thought, way of thinking and perception hence leading to another interpretation. Having a bass, foundation and understanding allows for more learning and advancement in the study of human motivation. What drives you versus the next person? Life is based on choices, opinions and variables, outcomes are often contingent to feels, emotions, determination and how a person understands. This thing called life is derived from choices.
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