The Conflict with Traditional Culture

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The conflict with traditional culture

The general people consider Hong Kong as an international city because a lot of cross-cultural enterprises choose Hong Kong as a landing base to enter into Chinese market and even Asian market.As a result ,the conscientious of women leadership can be brought into the working ecology through the expending of multinational firms. Nevertheless, it is misleading that the concept of women leadership can wholly be applied to companies in general and help increasing the number of women leader. There are several reasons. Firstly, in Asian countries including Hong Kong , the local market climate is dominated by the local companies and those companies are a kind of family business. A family business means one family has a significant ownership and influence to the decision in the company and the chairman of the company can only be the son within the family. This tradition can be a huge and unbreakable barrier to the women even though the companies are facing the influence of external culture.

More important is that this new working concept especially the idea of women empowerment can not readily neutralize the traditional culture. The reason behind is that the setting rule of patriarchy is still utilized in the world today. Patriarchy is a social system which is male dominate and is central in the social organization. (Chesney-Lind, 2006) .One obvious example is that the children surname are followed by father’s family name, which means the sons are entitled to inherit everything from their father normally. As a result, the male can administrate the collective benefits within the family and consolidate the state of male. It should also be highlighted that the system has a conflict to enhance women s...

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